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 Love is.  Life is.  One.  Consider the lillies, they toil not and neither do they sow and yet Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed as one of these. Miracles are all around us, in every blade of grass, ray of sunshine and whistle of song bird. Relax.

Enjoy the ride

I was seven years old and it was my first recollected trip to Disney Land with my two brothers, Danny and Davey, ages 5 and 9 respectively.  My younger brother, Danny, and I were joined at the proverbial hip, mouths hanging slightly agape, eyes filled with wonder, mouse ears and an overload of color.  My elder brother Davey, wanted to ride Space Mountain, a ride that was no doubt thrilling for him but filled my younger brother with a belly rumbling sense of dread.   Danny and I were safety harnessed into what felt like our doom and a large bar was lowered and latched in front of us. We sat hands gripped, white-knuckles exposed, breath faltering.  Danny was expressly terrified and I worried over his response to our impending end.  My older brother sat in front of us, grinning broadly, hungrily ready to set off.  The ride jostled forward at what seemed like a break-neck speed and Danny clung to my arm, screaming with ear splitting terror.  I tried to comfort him over the next several


The evening rolls toward it's slumbering end.  Owen finishes up his calls to Illinois family.  Bodhi still denies any hint of exhaustion and sings audibly invented songs with the enthusiasm of a drunken sailor.  The dog's tags rattle as she makes her well worn trek to the water bowl.  Bodhi's pet rats scurry from freshly filled food bowl back to their hammock bed, no doubt filling the cage with mess as they go. Bodhi's bawdy chant changes to "tucky, tuck, Bodhi in-y", which means he is finally ready to give in to the night. Kisses. Hugs. Tuck-Tuck. Owen calls out that he is ready.  Thirteen with temporary amnesia anytime he encounters me in the presence of peers, he still asks for his "tuck-time" when the lights go out. Bodhi's snores fill our quiet house. Ahh.  Peace.  Gratitude. A house full of boy-love and memories fresh from a day overflowing with gifts. Motherhood.