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Self love

A beautiful poem of self loving forgiveness to self...  “Phase One” by Dilruba Ahmed: “For leaving the fridge open last night, I forgive you. For conjuring white curtains instead of living your life. For the seedlings that wilt, now, in tiny pots, I forgive you. For saying no first but yes as an afterthought. I forgive you for hideous visions after childbirth, brought on by loss of sleep. And when the baby woke repeatedly, for your silent rebuke in the dark, “What’s your beef?” I forgive your letting vines overtake the garden. For fearing your own propensity to love. For losing, again, your bag en route from San Francisco; for the equally heedless drive back on the caffeine-fueled return. I forgive you for leaving windows open in rain and soaking library books again. For putting forth only revisions of yourself, with punctuation worked over, instead of the disordered truth, I forgive you. For singing mostly when the shower drowns your voice. For so admiring the drummer you failed to he