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 Nature.  There is no place more authentically home than a wide sky overhead and firm earth underfoot. One step up my mountain and the busyness of the world begins to subside. One step at a time, I am filled with the simple wonder of life living life. And the sweet embrace that accompanies the rememberance that I am not separate from the life to which I inextricably belong. Out here I can breath easily, in and out, totally unconcerned with how I'm perceived or received, unconcerned with enlightenment or seeking or success.  Simply sustained by the proximity of life and the gentle assurance that I am, already, exactly what I am looking for.


I am back in school...grad school...and the mind has begun to whir its cogs and wheels with pompous enthusiasm.  It is interesting to observe the habit of thought.  The self aggrandizement of the brain's search for meaning and recognition.  I smile amidst the thinking and wonder softly to there another way of learning.   Is it possible that the way we were brought up to think and learn and educate is not the only way.  Is it possible that learning doesn't have to be a cramming in of information and a vomiting out of thought.  Is it possible to open naturally like a blossom and feel the light of knowledge dawn without fear drenched effort and forgetful remembrance.   Perhaps.


 A sweet morning sunrise... a pleasant break in long damp week. I slipped and slid my muddy way up the mountain and felt the weight of stress and thought tumble from my mind and heart and body.  It was a soft morning, full of beauty and stillness. Exactly what I needed.
Beauty all around. Do we need to look for it. It is everywhere. Open our eyes. It is here. Now.

Best reason I can think of to get up at 5 AM