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My papa is here visiting and helping me move into my little house (which I love).  I will post pics once I am no longer wielding a paintbrush in a furious frenzy.  For now, here are a few pics of my favorite fellas.

new hair, new house.

I have spent the day moving, painting, repairing and spending.  The house is ours.  I will post photos soon.  In the meantime here is my short hair which happened the day before the closing. LOTS of changes.


I couldn't sleep. I lay in bed tossing and turning. Jacob wrestling with his angel, Begging a name. I too wanted reassurance, A guarantee of safe passage, A promise of peace. I arose feeling just as lame. Two choices lay ahead: Spend the day as I had spent the night, Or get myself on the mountain  And walk it off. I chose the latter and this is what I found: It is utterly comical that I can spend the morning hours worrying about "what I shall eat and drink and wherewithal I shall be clothed" when, in those same short hours, Life is preparing something so breathtakingly beautiful that just witnessing it brought me to my knees.  Grace.  What is there to worry about?  To be anxious about?  

recent gifts from the trail

 A morning moonset, quiet and sedate as the shimmering silvery beacon of night slips off to bed.  A stag blending beautifully into the fall foliage, filling my heart with ancient longing.  A coyote on the hunt.  Brilliant yellows dot the landscape and  soft reds sing a leafy lullaby, rocking the cradle of life to sleep.  Birds in flight across a clear blue sky.  Mountains beckoning in the distance and the clear light of a new day. There are gifts everywhere, all the time and we simply have to open to this moment to receive them.

danny-boy and pilar

 My brother and sister in love come for a visit...ahh it is always good to see my family.


My favorite hiking companion has four legs and no tail.  She asks for very little, doesn't talk at all and is always as eager to go as I am.

Hiking predawn with a five year old

 What do you do when your five year old wakes up at five in the morning?  You tell him to get dressed and you walk him up a mountain, that's what you do.  You greet the day together and sing the sun up.  You marvel at so much color, a love affair, the erotic dance of sun and sky, of cloud and color, of wind and air. And you remember that everyday affords as many miracles as there are breaths and if we are lucky we will find ourselves, head over heels, tumbling into the love of which we are all a part. Good morning SONSHINE!