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 I have finally submitted a few of my pieces to a very small art show in Denver at a center for women called Pomegranate Place.  Here are four of them.  I submitted eight.  The paper pieces are heavily worked, mixed media measuring 24-36.  The mixed media encaustics are 36 x 36  and 24 x 24. I have to put a price on them.  Which isn't easy for me, since all are born and kin to my heart.  I rarely exhibit my work, choosing instead to cherish and hide them like so many precious aspects of my soul too vulnerable to risk censure.  I choose instead to shine and step out from the shadows of hiding  and express my belief in the inherent beauty of creating.
 My brother is back and his lady love, Pilar, too.  It is great visiting with family particularly basking in their familiar insanity.  I think this is "hear no evil, see no evil, but I can't be sure.

Bodhi is five

 We had a big snow recently and Bodhi wanted to go outside. I told him to get his snow stuff on and frolic at will.  This is what happened...It is below freezing at 8 in the's that for charting your own course. Here he is begging for something.  and just look at that angelic face!  Here he is globe trotting during his Montessori birthday celebration  and rapturous at the sight of another great gift.  We spent a great day after Christmas, celebrating Bodhi's birth with a birthday party at the Museum of Nature and Science and whenever boredom sets in with the short days and cold weather Bodhi livens things up.  Here he is streaking in the neighboring yard at forty degrees. Gotta love this kid!!!


When everything looks bleak and the darkness cramps against the cold, it takes courage to simply look out from imagined isolation toward the wide horizon of beauty available in every moment.  It takes courage to lean into the sea of life and trust the tide. When weary limbs no longer support us, it takes courage to trust our inner buoyancy and float.  It takes courage, in the face of darkness, to remember the light and sit in all our apparent blindness and listen, silently, to the still, small whisper within.  It takes courage, in that dark hour, when nothing else remains.  Eyes closed.  Eyes opened.  A glimpse, a memory, a fleeting vision of a light so bright it blurs the borders of things seen and things perceived into a comprehensive wholeness of being.  It takes courage.
When the Bodhidharma was asked to describe enlightenment, he said simply, "Space everywhere, nothing holy".